words i don't understand

rosa made two lists recently (108, 109) with all sorts of crazy things in it that i don't understand. i think that some of them are spanishisms but most of them seem like britishisms. hopefully she'll comment here and clarify some things for me. they are as follows:

  • jamon serrano
  • coleridge
  • hols
  • As in my AS-levels
  • horsham
  • winchelsea
  • exeats

Listed by eliduke on June 21st, 2006


  • I have no clue what those mean.

    posted by n8duke on June 21st, 2006

  • jamon serrano is a type of ham from spain. The best kind is from a pig that is acorn fed. It's the only thing that would possibly make me stop being a vegetarian because it is fucking delicious.

    posted by pat on June 21st, 2006

  • i dont understand any of these words.

    posted by worstdukeever on June 21st, 2006

  • pat is right about jamon serrano. coleridge is a famous writer (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) look him up on wikipedia hols is a shorter version of holidays - very british i think AS and A-levels are what you do in your last 2 years of "high school" in england. they are external exams (like SAT i think - but harder) horsham is a town in the south of england where my new school is. winchelsea is the smallest town in england and is where my grandparents live and i spend most of my easters and summers there. exeats are when i get a weekend off from my boarding school and i can go home. once a month i think. phew. i think i will have to publish my own dictionary soon

    posted by rosa on June 22nd, 2006

  • thanks, that helps alot. i mean seriously, you don't see me using all kinds of crazy words that YOU don't understand. hello!

    posted by eliduke on June 22nd, 2006

  • hey if i didnt use crazy words i wouldnt be the rosa that we all know and love. i would be some kind of normal person and that would suck.

    posted by rosa on June 22nd, 2006

  • i totally agree, rosa. it's all it good fun, and you could say that it's one of my weird quirks (and that of my friends as well) that i make fun of people i like. i wouldn't like the rosa that i know if she weren't the way she is.

    posted by eliduke on June 22nd, 2006