Why I love the Mountain Homestead

I'm back in southern Oregon (Coquille) for my 2nd visit at the Mountain Homestead. I had a truly amazing time last year and I seriously doubt it will be any different this time around. I'll be adding to this list as time goes on, so check back.

  • the people (funny, caring, intelligent, inclusive, etc)
  • the land (wild, beautiful, forested, mossy)
  • the work (fun, tiring, involved, communal)
  • the stars (clear, bright, plentiful)
  • the cats (raccoon & kiwi)
  • the fog (thick, deep, dissipates by first light)
  • the temp (warm during the day, cool at night)
  • the fact that it takes about 30 seconds for each list item to save when using the dial-up connection
  • the reservoir (wet, cold, naked, etc)
  • the fruit/nut picking (free apples, berries, filberts)
  • the lookout fir (tall, climbable, vista-enabling)
  • Clara (she's our guru, she's hilarious, she's Clara)
  • the popcorn (garlic, dill, nooch, salt... need I say more?)

Listed by eliduke on September 6th, 2008


  • There's nothing like watching the stars after you've been in the city too long. Light pollution sucks.

    posted by bratwurs on September 6th, 2008

  • Here, here, Bratwurs!

    posted by eliduke on September 6th, 2008