Things to think about when creating a list

  • who will read my list?
  • will adding the word 'nipples' in my list increase the odds of me getting action?
  • how do i want to project myself to the world, in list form?
  • shit! i should have gone with numbers
  • does a spanish person with a lisp have trouble making a list?
  • does the fact that eli and i are both color blind make the blue motif of this site more or less good for stuff?
  • if socrates was making a list of things he thought einstein would list about what would he list about?
  • what would an unsafe person not list about?
  • does the phrase 'list about' make me feel like a boat?
  • maybe people will think i'm gay if i type 'list about' too much
  • i'm not gay
  • god bless america!
  • i watch bill oreilly for his fair and balanced reporting
  • glen beck is fabulous
  • shit! i mean fabulous in a heterosexual way
  • i'm not fucking gay! what, do you hate america?!

Listed by isaacbean on February 19th, 2011


  • This list is SOOO Isaac.

    posted by eliduke on February 21st, 2011