Rules for the Zombie Apocalypse (extracted from 28 Days Later)

Stacey and I watched 28 Days Later and came up with these additions to Selena's two rules that she gives to Jim.

  1. Don't go anywhere alone unless you have to
  2. Don't travel at night unless you have to
  3. Set em on fire!
  4. They're fast & strong
  5. Don't be a douche
  6. Don't take drugs
  7. Don't hang your head out of the car
  8. Stock up on supplies before you have to gtfo
  9. Don't put down your machete
  10. Always wear your seatbelt

Listed by veganstraightedge on November 7th, 2010


  • great list.

    posted by n8duke on November 7th, 2010

  • Works for me

    posted by bob132 on October 30th, 2012