favorite things to do in the shower

right, so this list chooses to omit the obvious and easy sexual things. those are a given. this list goes to another level to address the things i love to do to make showering more fun when i realize that i'm far too stinky for basic human interaction.

  • brushing my teeth
  • peeing freely without thought of where its going
  • getting out mid-shower to poop
  • simulating a rain storm by changing the water pressure via the shower head from gentle to the massage jets
  • endurance challenges of extreme cold water while shrieking
  • trying to see parts of my body that ive never seen before
  • butt and hand prints on the steamy shower walls

Listed by petetheox on May 24th, 2006


  • that's great pete! i think that i've done all of those things before, and i had no idea they were so popular. thanks for signing up and listing your list!

    posted by eliduke on May 24th, 2006

  • my favourite thing to do is to blow my nose. you can really open and let the snot rockets fly without worry of wiping or wasting tissue or whatever. plus all the hot air and steam helps to break everything out up there.

    posted by veganstraightedge on May 25th, 2006

  • Hey, Pete, it's Drew. I have to be honest, I have not read the entire list, but one thing that I do absolutely whenever possible is poop when a shower has begun. I can't describe the joy of a warm, well-wetted shit just falling out of my butthole. Save the whiping for a diarrhea day. I'll take a clean, wet, shower-poop any day of the week. You'll save on toilet paper and wrist action. Keep it real, brother. Poop on.

    posted by chocolate on May 27th, 2006

  • shane, i'm with you on the shower snot rocket - its top notch. in a close second from the booger category is a really textured loogie. and believe me drew, i'd squeeze a fresh one in the shower if i could find a system for getting the poop out of the shower. i've several ideas: simply move the toilet into the shower; install a "flush" into the shower drain (a la airplane bathrooms); or keep a stock of plastic bags next to the towel and doggie bag-it.

    posted by petetheox on May 30th, 2006

  • oh my goodness. this list (and all the comments) are ab ridic.

    posted by worstdukeever on June 3rd, 2006

  • hannah, i believe the abbreviation that you were searching for is "absorid." i'd use that in the future when you need it.

    posted by eliduke on June 3rd, 2006

  • Has anyone mentioned "fuckin bitches in their vag holes" yet?

    posted by b twinkle on June 3rd, 2006

  • Look at the shower head as close as possible without having to close my eyes.

    posted by pat on June 5th, 2006

  • I HATE getting out mid-shower to poop.

    posted by n8duke on June 5th, 2006

  • i am with neight. you are all wet and slippery you just slide right off the toliet, and you get cold it sucks.

    posted by brooke on June 6th, 2006

  • and of course, of all the comments here, brandon just had to go out and be crude. what's up with that?!

    posted by eliduke on June 7th, 2006

  • First things first--petetheox you are a genious with the toilet in the shower. If they had one of these, i would have one in my shower. Second thing, snot rockets are the best discovery by man, why not shoot them in the shower, maybe even while sitting on the "Tub Toilet". Imagin that--sitting on the "Tub Toilet" shooting a snot rocket while taking a shower at the same time!! Man i love being a GUY!

    posted by bongman on November 18th, 2009