breast euphemisms

as dave chappelle would say 'i'm just a nigga that loves titties'

  • funbags
  • ho hos
  • sweater puppies
  • cans
  • taters
  • melons
  • jugs
  • apples
  • knockers
  • bumpy bits
  • woofers
  • tetons
  • chesticles
  • fleshies
  • gams

Listed by dannyk on June 2nd, 2006


  • DannyK (did you rip that off of "In Good Company"? TeddyK?), that is quite the list. i'm happy to see you here. rock on!

    posted by eliduke on June 2nd, 2006

  • Those are the "breast" euphemisms I've ever heard? ba-da-ching!

    posted by andyman on June 2nd, 2006

  • this is the breast milk i've ever tasted.

    posted by worstdukeever on June 3rd, 2006