best Saves the Day songs ever

i know how hard it is for all of you out there in cyberspace to figure out which are your favorites , so i'm going to help you out. these are listed as 'song title - album'. i really love almost all of their songs , so i'm restricting this list to my ABSOLUTE favorites. read 'em and weep.

  • Seeing It This Way - Cant Slow Down
  • Hold - Im Sorry Im Leaving
  • Banned From The Back Porch - Through Being Cool
  • Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots - Through Being Cool
  • Rocks Tonic Juice Magic - Through Being Cool
  • At Your Funeral - Stay What You Are
  • Cars and Calories - Stay What You Are
  • Not An Exit - Stay What You Are
  • Monkey - In Reverie
  • Tomorrow Too Late - In Reverie
  • Where Are You? - In Reverie
  • Bones - Sound The Alarm
  • The End - Sound The Alarm
  • Shattered - Sound The Alarm
  • Sell My Old Clothes Im Off To Brooklyn - Ups and Downs

Listed by eliduke on June 2nd, 2006


  • great list, eduke. if this were my list, 'you vandal' and 'banned from the back porch' from TBC would be on there. but i'm so glad you put 'tomorrow too late' on there - it is the most ridiculously awesome STD out there. i really wish we could get together and have an STD 'greatest hits' listening party because most of our choices reflect each other's tastes.

    posted by dannyk on June 2nd, 2006

  • my do, in fact, have 'banned from the back porch' on the disregard my ineptitude of the last comment.

    posted by dannyk on June 2nd, 2006

  • that's cool danny. no worries. and there were like 30 more songs i could have put on this list, but i knew that i had to keep it short. so there you have it.

    posted by eliduke on June 3rd, 2006

  • oh gosh. a greatest hits listening party is just what we need! good idea danny! lets do it...

    posted by worstdukeever on June 3rd, 2006

  • i guess the question at this point is when is danny gonna get his skinny ass out to seattle and visit us. what the fuck?

    posted by eliduke on June 3rd, 2006

  • are you mocking me, eduke? there a way for users to see other users' info (location, etc)?

    posted by dannyk on June 3rd, 2006